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New (Virtual) Class Announcement!!!

Monday Modern (dance) with Merril at 7pm US CST.

Starting August 31st, 2020, I will be hosting and teaching a beginner-friendly movement class to help bring some space and breath into the body. Using the foundation of Humphrey Technique and it's Yoga-inspired origins, I emphasize the significance of breath and gravity as the impetus of movement and encouraging creative expression that feels good for the body.

Classes will be held virtually via Zoom, so you can move about in the comfort of your own home. Feel free to wear comfy clothes. I won't require your video to be on if you're really not comfortable with it. Definitely no need to pull out leotards and tights unless you want to live your best 80s/90s glam life!

The movement will be simple and accessible. Modifications will be available, so if you have chronic pain, or mobility differences, we can definitely work together to accommodate your needs.

As this will be a recurring class through which I'm the host, I'm offering a few payment options. In these wild times, I know money is tight. It certainly is for me! So, I'm offered a three-tiered system with a fourth package option:

1. Self-care = $5/class drop in

2. Stabilize =$10/class drop in

3. Sustain = $15/class drop in

4. Sustaining member = $100/6 class package. (This turns out to be about $16.6ish/class).

Payment can be sent via PayPay: or Venmo: Merril-Doty (other options are available, just reach out). Once you send the first payment option of your choosing, I'll send you the Zoom link! The link will be recurring, so once you have it, it's yours!

You are more than welcome to invite friends, just make sure to put them in touch with me before the class to arrange payment and so I can give them the link. For the privacy and safety of the class, please don't share the Zoom link once you have it. Thank you!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me via Facebook @sacralmerril, Instagram @sacred_sacral, message me here through my website, or email me (

Thanks for your interest, and I can't wait to see your lovely faces next week or in the near future!


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