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Now Offering Distance or "Teddy Bear" Reiki for $20!!!

Hello my dears!

I hope you are all staying safe and healthy and taking care of yourselves.

So much of how we classically enjoy ourselves, pamper ourselves or otherwise indulge ourselves, usually requires us going outside and dealing with other people.

Now, obviously, that's not possible. We are all having to do quite a large task of managing our anxieties and fears while perhaps being a little creative in how we do so.

In an effort to provide some comfort and connectivity in a time of wild uncertainty, I'm offering long-distance or "Teddy-Bear" Reiki starting as low as $20 with the option to be a supporter of me as a freelance healing arts practitioner and slide up to $50.

In this difficult time I feel called as a healing arts practitioner to hold whatever space I can to help us move through this difficult time.

Reach out. I'm here. <3

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